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Welcome to the Creative Pursuits of Michael Mattalo

I paint, I cook, I garden and I hike the world. This is who I am and I proudly share my pursuits with family and friends around the globe that enjoy it. I have a passion to explore, discover, and create which opens my mind, expands my perspective and gives me an appreciation for all the good the world has to offer. 

So here I am. Thank you and please enjoy the journey with me.


Feature: Charity Limited Edition Prints


I painted this piece after being inspired by two Canadian artists who, together, raised almost $100,000 for the children of Ukraine affected by the war.  I am following their lead, but with much humbler goals :-)

I am selling a limited edition of 200 prints here: 


All proceeds after direct costs from sales and shipping will be donated to Voices of Children, a foundation helping children of Ukraine affected by the war. 


Their website is Proof of donation will be posted to this website. Thank you for your support.

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